Terms and conditions for purchasing online BELT testing at www.idiomacr.com

Hours of operation of BELT customer service channels: Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Telephone number: 2256-6565 Email: evaluations@idiomacr.com

BELT test is an online test that measures language proficiency using the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (see Annex). Test takers will be certified as having one of the following levels: A1, A2, B1, B1+, B2, B2+, C1, C2.

Types of BELT Testing available:


  • BELT English – Receptive Skills: a 60-minute online English test. This test evaluates language skills, reading comprehension, and listening comprehension in English.
  • BELT English – Speaking: a telephone interview lasting 10-15 minutes to evaluate spoken proficiency in English.
  • BELT English – Writing: a 60-minute test online test. This test evaluates written language skills in English.
  • BELT French Language Skills: a 20-minute online French test. This test evaluates overall language skills in French.
  • BELT Portuguese Language Skills: a 20-minute online Portuguese test. This test evaluates overall language skills in Portuguese.

BELT Certification: this digital certificate formally displays the level obtained in one or more BELT tests.


Supervised test: a test that is taken under the supervision, either in-person or virtual, of Idioma Internacional staff or an authorized third party.


Non-supervised test: a test that is taken without the supervision of Idioma Internacional staff.


Level obtained (grade): The level obtained in any test is final and cannot be changed. In addition, refunds cannot be granted in the event that the test taker disagrees with the level assessed.


Attempt: an attempt is defined by a person entering the test and pressing the Begin Evaluation button. Every test has a maximum of three attempts. Once this number is reached, access will be blocked and the test taker must contact evaluations@idiomacr.com to reset the evaluation. An additional access will
only be granted if the test has not been completed fully.


Expiration of the link: The link to access the test will be sent by email and will be valid for 6 months from the date on which the purchase is made. Once this time has elapsed, the link will become disactivated. If the test taker would like to take the test after the 6-month period has elapsed, he or she must contact the evaluations department via email to evaluations@idiomacr.com to request a new link.


Personal information form: The personal information form must be completed with the information of the person who will be taking the test. This is because the evaluation link will be sent by email to the person indicated. Furthermore, the certificate will be issued to the name provided. Once the purchase has been completed, this information cannot be changed, nor can the test be transferred to a third party.


Validity of the result: the results or level obtained in the test(s) are valid for one year (12 months) from the date on which the evaluation was completed. If the test was unsupervised, public or private institutions or hiring companies may request that the test be taken again in a supervised setting to verify the results.


Time limit: All BELT tests have a time limit for their completion. This time limit is an integral component of the final result. Once the time has run out, the test taker cannot request a refund or that the test be restarted.

If any of the following technical problems occur, the BELT evaluations team can restart the test from the point at which the problem occurred. If any of these issues occur, the test will be restarted but no refunds will be allowed.

  • Sudden loss of internet connection.
  • Audio files not playing (an issue related to the bandwidth of the test taker).
  • Images not visible (an issue related to the bandwidth of the test taker).
  • If the system indicates that questions remain unanswered when this is not the case.
  • Time remaining not displayed (an issue related to the bandwidth of the test taker).
  • Unexpected shutdown of the test, either due to a lost internet connection or a failure of electricity or equipment.
  • In the case of an oral interview, if it cannot be completed due to a connection failure, the evaluation team will get in touch using the email or telephone number provided to schedule a new appointment.

About the results

  • BELT English Receptive Skills: if it can be shown that there is an inconsistency in the test results (difference of 2 or more CEFR levels between sections), the test taker will be able to take it one more time.
  • BELT English – Speaking: if required, the evaluation department may attach the level obtained, the notes and the audio recording of the interview to substantiate the result obtained in the test. No refund or opportunity to retake the test will be provided.
  • BELT English – Writing: in the event that the test taker disagrees with the results, the evaluation department may attach the text of the test to the level obtained, along with notes that substantiate the result obtained.

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