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Language Testing

BELT is an innovative online evaluation used to measure and certify candidates’ proficiency in English, French and/or Portuguese.
Reliable, secure and scalable.

Types of BELT Testing

We currently offer testing in three languages. Each test evaluates specific skills.

BELT English

• Online English proficiency test.

• Evaluates language skills, reading and listening comprehension using the Common European Framework of Reference.  

• The test lasts 60 minutes. 


Oral Interview

  • A 15-minute telephone interview to evaluate spoken proficiency in English.


Written Test

  • Online evaluation of written English. 
  • Measures an individual’s written language skills.
  • The test lasts 60 minutes.

BELT French

• Online French proficiency test.

• Evaluates language skills, reading and listening comprehension using the Common European Framework of Reference.  

• The test lasts 60 minutes. 


BELT Portuguese

• Online Portuguese proficiency test.

• Evaluates language skills, reading and listening comprehension using the Common European Framework of Reference.  

• The test lasts 60 minutes. 

Advantages of using BELT

  • Reliable, secure and scalable.

  • BELT can be done online with or without supervision.

  • Results are given in real time.

  • Results are given in real time.

  • Results based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

BELT for Businesses

If your company wishes to evaluate large groups of people at once, we can provide you with the BELT Dashboard, a tool that allows you to manage when you conduct evaluations and with whom.

Using the Control Panel in the BELT Dashboard, you can send, filter and review the results of the BELT testing online and in real time, saving you time and money.

Join the companies that are using BELT today!

What our clients think of BELT

  • Working with Idioma Internacional has certainly been a good experience. Their customer service is wonderful; they are always attentive and quick to reply. Their staff has a human touch that makes them truly stand out from the rest and underscores the excellent quality of their service. Their testing is highly reliable. The proficiency level that they certify in the exam is an accurate assessment, and they offer very competitive pricing. They have always been willing to work alongside our company, making them an excellent service provider and, moreover, one of our key partners in our hiring processes. They are definitely an excellent option.

    Angie Bolaños

    National Instruments

  • Quisiera agradecer a Idioma Internacional por su aporte al desarrollo de la empleabilidad en el país. Han sido un aliado muy importante para la Dirección Nacional de Empleo en la formación de calidad de las personas beneficiarias del programa EMPLEATE y también han sido muy generosos al permitir el uso de las pruebas BELT para corroborar el nivel de inglés de las personas aspirantes al beneficio. La prueba BELT es sumamente confiable y nos permite precisar la formación de las personas según su nivel de inglés.

    Marcos Solano

    Dirección Nacional de Empleo

  • The experience of working with Idioma Internacional has been extraordinary. Their customer service is top notch, showing a genuine interest in our needs and a desire to help us with the smallest detail when it comes to requirements that are outside of normal testing procedures. We have never received no as an answer without first exploring various ways to make our request a reality. We are very satisfied with the service that we have received, which is why we have continued to choose Idioma Internacional as our English testing provider year after year.

    María Droully

    L.L. Bean

  • For my part, I would like to emphasize that my experience with Idioma Internacional has always been very good. Whenever I have needed their services, I always receive a quick response and they have been able to provide exactly the help I require. Our Human Resources team requires efficiency and agility, and these are just the characteristics that I have seen in Idioma’s service.

    Gloriana Rodriguez


  • Working with Idioma Internacional for the last 8 years has been a great experience. Their team is made up of professionals who do not hesitate to put the customer first. They are always ready to help me with evaluations and always adapt to our needs. I feel lucky to be able to rely on such a great team. They make my job as a recruiter much easier – not just through their staff’s good work, but also through the exam management platform, which is really an effective tool.

    Daniela Medina


  • In my professional experience, I have been able to work with over 20 testing providers, over 10 of which provide English testing, located from Mexico to Argentina. My experience with Idioma has been the best by far.

    I remember the day I contacted Idioma: I needed a simple, quick and concrete answer and they were able to exceed my expectations. In addition, they got in touch with me to train me on the platform and provided me with valuable assistance on one of our largest projects of 2020. In addition, I would like to note that the feedback from our candidates on the testing has been outstanding, and the work by the examiners on the phone tests has been excellent.

    I’d like to be able to give you the specific names, but they were extremely helpful, and even provided candidates with troubleshooting assistance. They gave us the integrated support that we were looking for. I would also like to mention the incredible work of Wilberth Quesada, who has been a great help and clarified many things for me.

    Personally, I could not be more satisfied with the support that Idioma has given me, which has left me with a very good impression of your company. Unlike many onboarding partners we have had, where everything is rosy until the contract is signed and then things quickly go downhill, you have been steady all along. We hope to continue using your services for a long time.

    Edward García


  • We would like to acknowledge the services and results achieved by Idioma Internacional. They ensured that a group of students could complete training, and we have increased the quantity of services we have purchased from them beyond our initial estimates. We are also grateful for the exclusive assistance that we have received at all times.

    Katherine Monge

    Smile Direct Club