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At Idioma Internacional, we have a passion for helping others, and we consider it a great privilege and responsibility to teach English to business professionals in Latin America. Our work is highly gratifying as it directly impacts people’s economic opportunities and the region’s competitiveness as a whole. 

Teaching English with our company provides a unique and enriching experience that includes:

  • Opportunity to come to Costa Rica, a beautiful, tropical, Spanish speaking paradise
  • Personalized support from the senior Academic Team
  • Professional development through our internal training program
  • Robust Learning Management System and technology tools to incorporate in our blended learning lessons
  • Detailed lesson plans and materials provided allowing limited prep time
  • $10 – $12 USD per synchronous hour of teaching
  • Volunteering in our Social Responsibility program Idioma Cares
  • A strong team dynamic with other teachers due to organized activities

Position Requirements

  • Native English speaker
  • Completed University degree
  • TEFL or related certification
  • A minimum of 100 ESL/ESL teaching hours
  • Competent with technology
  • Internet connection 30MB  
  • Well-functioning computer with headset and microphone
  • References from previous employers

Position Requirements

  • Native English speaker
  • University degree
  • TEFL or related certification
  • Competent with technology
  • Internet connection 30MB  
  • Well-functioning computer with headset and microphone
  • References from previous employers

Preferred qualifications

  • Master’s degree in ESL/EFL or Applied Linguistics
  • Business experience
  • Experience working and/or living abroad
  • Proficient in Spanish or another foreign language

Preferred qualifications

  • Teaching experience
  • Master’s degree in ESL/EFL or Applied Linguistics
  • Business experience
  • Experience working and/or living abroad
  • Proficient in Spanish or another foreign language

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Teach in Costa Rica

Teach English in Costa Rica and get to travel and discover the wonders of our beautiful country. In this position you will be able to teach both on-site and virtual classes.

Be an Online Teacher

Teach English online and set your career up for success with the help of our ESL mentors. This is a 100% online teaching position.

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    Teacher Testimonials

    Kim Barnes

    Teacher Testimonials

    When I was in college, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Costa Rica for a summer and it was one of my favorite experiences. Months after I was back in the United States, I felt this constant pull to come back and I knew that after graduation, I’d make it my personal mission to return to Costa Rica. Before I graduated, I successfully completed and obtained my TEFL (Teaching English as a Second Language) certificate because I knew that I wanted to teach English abroad. I originally wanted to find teaching opportunities in Heredia, my research ultimately led me to a teaching opportunity in the capital, San Jose. After finding Idioma Internacional, I didn’t need to continue my search.

    Idioma Internacional stood out to me, not only because it was a reputable language school, but because they valued their employees as well. There was a healthy balance between teaching at Idioma Internacional and being able to explore Costa Rica. I felt that I was genuinely supported by my colleagues and my supervisors. At Idioma Internacional, you are given professional development workshops throughout the year that not only helps you as a teacher, but as an individual. My week days were filled with teaching high schoolers and business professionals and during the weekends, I would go to the beaches, go hiking, or simply spend time outside.

    Living in Costa Rica and working at Idioma Internacional gave me some of my most memorable experiences which is why I stayed for two and a half years! Even though I was thousands of miles away from my family and friends back in Missouri, Costa Rica always felt like a second home to me. If you want an unforgettable year teaching abroad, come down to Costa Rica and work with Idioma Internacional. With Idioma Internacional, you will gain valuable skills and qualities that you can take wherever you go.

    Sonja Keebles

    Teacher Testimonials

    I have been teaching in a virtual environment for over a year. Yes, that is pre-pandemic! As a teacher who enjoys the company of students, teaching online may seem like a difficult adjustment. However, after a year, I have found that the close bond I enjoyed with students in a face to face environment can still be enjoyed virtually. Additionally, the environment also offers many unique benefits.

    The first of which is time management; gone are the days when we spent hours in traffic. Now, I have the time to help more students and they in turn can access the lesson from the privacy of their own home. Secondly, in the online environment, my students and I can quickly pull up online resources that can be incorporated into the lesson in the spur of the moment.

    This is great for adding extensions to the lesson or for demonstrating extra resources for students to use during their study time. Overall, I have discovered far more benefits to online learning than challenges and would recommend it to anyone with a desire for learning and improving their language skills.

    Bailey Spalding

    Teacher Testimonials

    I decided to pursue an ESL position in a Spanish speaking country because I wanted to improve my second language while gaining professional teaching experience. Idioma Internacional, located in the heart of Costa Rica, was a great match! The company is committed to providing opportunities for professional development and growth, and that's exactly what I needed as a fresh college graduate! During my time at Idioma Internacional, I have become a confident teacher.

    I’ve also gained and nourished many transferable skills by working in different areas within the company: evaluating national and international clients in our Business English Level Test, contributing to administrative efforts to improve our lesson plans and online portal, leading team building activities during our staff retreat, and even giving back to the local community by participating in our social initiative. Most importantly, I‘ve formed lasting friendships with my students and the great team of teachers!

    Aaron Mann

    Teacher Testimonials

    For the past ten years of my life, I had been wanting to teach English abroad. The decision was tough for me because I had built an amazing life, living and working in New York City. I was proud of the life I had created and how far I had come since my arrival to The Big Apple in 2006. Over the past decade, I researched both countries and institutions all over Central America, South America, and Europe.

    Costa Rica stood out immediately as a place I knew I could call home. The modern convenience of public transportation, food culture, festivals and nightlife found in San Jose were a perfect fit. This coupled with the extreme natural beauty of national parks, beaches and mountains, a simple and affordable bus ride away, confirmed that Costa Rica was a place I could call home.

    Next, I needed a job! I had never taught in a language school before so it was important that my future employer offer training, career development and mentoring. These requirements were extremely helpful in the task of narrowing down my job search. Idioma immediately emerged as my top choice. Not only did they offer these key elements but it was clear that they cared about life outside the classroom as well. With their group outings, workshops and cultural immersion program, Idioma Internacional helps their teachers to experience everything Costa Rica has to offer.

    I worked for Idioma Internacional for one year and my time with them was incredible. They were there every step of the way to make sure that I felt prepared and confident in and out of the classroom. The life and professional skills I developed in my time there are invaluable and I am confident that whatever steps I take next, I will be beyond prepared.

    Ben Wilton

    Teacher Testimonials

    I came to Costa Rica to experience a new culture, to work on my Spanish, and to enjoy the beach and the rainforest. I enjoyed working at the office and collaborating with my co-workers. The academic directors and veteran teachers were always helpful and supportive. We had various company retreats, training sessions, and workshops throughout the year. These activities really helped us all become better teachers, and brought us closer to become a better team and good friends.

    I learned how to plan a well crafted lesson, how to teach effectively, how to create a positive learning atmosphere, and how to motivate my students. I learned how to incorporate media into the classroom and how to make class fun. I learned what it takes to really be a good teacher, and became a good teacher during my time with Idioma.

    I enjoyed living and exploring San José. I also studied and practiced Spanish. I performed music in “el centro” and played a few gigs. Once or twice a month, I got on a bus and went to the beach for the day or sometimes for the weekend. I was able to visit many different parts of Costa Rica. I got to explore beaches, rainforests, and volcanoes. I even made a few trips to Nicaragua and one to Panama.

    After my time at Idioma, I went on to work for Westgate in Japan. I taught English to university students for 2 years. I’m currently back in the U.S. now, and have just recently led three week-long ESL programs with GPI US, a program for Japanese students visiting the U.S.

    Idioma has helped me get numerous jobs after my time working with them. Thanks in part to my experience with Idioma, I have been able to get good paying, teaching jobs both abroad and in the U.S.. They have been great when it comes to writing recommendations for me on several different occasions. People are always impressed when I tell them about my experience in Costa Rica working with Idioma.

    Hannah Evans

    Teacher Testimonials

    I came to work at Idioma because I was really enticed by the mentor program. I didn’t have much teaching experience and the idea of someone there guiding me really appealed to me. Aside from that, Costa Rica really appealed to me because it didn’t have an army and was huge into ecotourism. It also was a quick and relatively inexpensive flight home in case I needed to get home for anything important

    I thought that working at Idioma was challenging at first, but came to be a very rewarding experience by the end. I also think the challenges I faced were not so much a fault of Idioma, but rather an adjustment to teaching itself. They helped me get settled into daily life in Costa Rica, which I think would have been more difficult without the support of the staff there. I really learned a lot about English from a technical perspective, which I enjoyed being a language nerd. I also learned a lot about Costa Rica through my interactions with my students and the staff.

    The teaching, like I mentioned before, was difficult at first, but I got the hang of it after a few months. The students, however, were awesome from the start. My students were excited to learn and to get to know me and my experiences, and I was in turn excited to teach and to get to know them.

    I traveled A LOT in my free time. I would say I spent at least two weekends a month somewhere outside of San Jose. Traveling in your free time makes the entire experience, no matter how difficult, rewarding. I also participated in an exchange, which I am thankful I did to this day.

    After Idioma, I have gone on to be a member of Teach For America. I am currently a high school Spanish teacher through the program. I would say a large factor in my acceptance into Teach For America was my time at Idioma. Thanks for the recommendations!

    Erica Ashton

    Teacher Testimonials

    I wanted to work in a country that was beautiful and culturally interesting. Costa Rica was an easy choice, as was Idioma. I can’t say enough about my experience with Idioma! The company provided excellent teacher training, and my supervisors were always accessible, encouraging, and willing to help with any questions or problems. The work environment was team-like and we all went on company-sponsored team-building retreats to some really amazing places around San Jose. I felt supported not only in my teacher training, but also in all aspects of my move abroad – Idioma helped me find housing, learn how to get around on the buses, open a bank account, and even find a Spanish teacher.

    When I got to Costa Rica, I had never taught a class before. I was VERY nervous when I arrived. Through training, a mentor program for new teachers, an ongoing professional development, Idioma taught me how to be a teacher. I’ve heard about “trail-by-fire” first teaching jobs, and this was not one of them. I felt prepared and supported every step of the way.

    I was able to work with adults and high school students. The adults are of course are serious students, very dedicated to their studies. The younger students are a lot of fun, and teaching them allowed me to be really creative. It’s amazing how much you can teach while also playing games and having fun! I also taught several online classes, and this format gave me experience in a very modern instructional modality.

    You can go anywhere in Costa Rica on the buses, usually for just a few dollars, and whenever I had time off, I tried to go somewhere different. I loved the west coast – Playa Jaco is just a short bus ride away, perfect for a day trip, and the Osa Peninsula is magical and has ALL the animals. But Puerto Viejo on the east coast was my favorite. When you go there, you rent a bike and ride up and down the coast to the different beaches, stopping to snorkel, admire a sloth, eat some beans and rice with shaved coconut. It’s where I’m going to retire!

    When I came back to the U.S., I got a job teaching ESL at a university language institute. I’ve been teaching here for a few years now, and I’m also working on a master’s in TESOL. I’m excited to hurry up and finish and embark on my next adventure teaching abroad! Brendan was kind enough to write me a very detailed, personalized letter of recommendation to my graduate program – and I was accepted!

    Matt Clarke

    Teacher Testimonials

    When I was offered an interview with Idioma, I was quite impressed by the professionalism of the staff and the program. I knew that Idioma was a reputable company and I was confident that by working for Idioma I would obtain skills and experience that would open many doors for my future.

    I thoroughly enjoyed my time working for Idioma. I met some amazing people (both students and colleagues) and was given a supportive environment to thrive as a teacher.

    I learned a lot of self-discipline and time management working for Idioma. I feel like the experience led me to become a more confident, autonomous professional. Working with the students was by far the best part of working for Idioma. The majority of their clientele are working professionals that truly want to learn English. For this reason, the students are fun, driven, and eager to learn!

    Since I didn’t have to work weekends, I was able to travel quite frequently. San Jose is a very convenient location to be based out of because there are buses there that access the entire country! When I wasn’t off sightseeing in a new city, I would often spend my free time hanging out with fellow Idioma teachers.

    After Idioma I continued to work in academic settings but providing mental health support. I worked as a rehabilitation specialist in classroom for emotionally disturbed students. I then went on to pursue a career in Marriage and Family Therapy. I currently work in a Therapeutic Learning Classroom at a high school and a middle school.

    Rebecca Rosey

    Teacher Testimonials

    I came to Costa Rica in my mid-twenties, having worked in the U.S. for a few years, but wanting to experience something completely different before I got “too settled” in my life. Costa Rica was a good first place to teach abroad because there’s such diversity to explore in such a relatively small country, it was not too far from home. Costa Rica was a good stretch for me, and pushed me into new territory, without overwhelming me, as I had a job lined up that would pay me enough to cover costs of living. I was extremely happy with my choice to pick Costa Rica and Idioma.

    I gave my best efforts, time, and passion to Idioma, and in return got out exactly what I wanted–a professional workplace that taught me about the field and made me good at my job; enough money and time to explore a new country known for its laid-back vibe, beautiful beaches, rugged mountains, and undeveloped rainforest; and some friends with whom to do so.

    I’ve taught many places and Idioma has one of the best teacher training programs I’ve been a part of. It is designed to make sure employees really know their stuff.The classroom culture and students were great, as you can expect working with older teenagers and adults. Expectations are high and clearly stated by Idioma, but I was able to meet these expectations with the support from the staff at Idioma.

    The public transportation system in Costa Rica is cheap, and so is finding a hostel, so traveling around is affordable and easy. I tried to go someplace new outside of the GAM (Grand Metropolitan Area) at least once a month. Then, on my other days off, I would stay closer to San Jose, going to bars for cheap beers, walking the downtown markets, attending cultural festivals, etc. Before and after Idioma, I worked in teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. The experience of living abroad and working for a professional company, such as Idioma, is invaluable and will contribute to any future career. But if you are open to the idea of future teaching, even in other countries after Costa Rica, Idioma gives you a great teaching foundation that you won’t always get with other companies.

    Idioma has been great about writing me a recommendation for grad school as well as using as a reference for jobs I got subsequently. I appreciate the time they have given to support me, post Idioma.

    Eric Brynaert

    Teacher Testimonials

    I wanted to thank Idioma Internacional for getting me started on the marketing path. When I left for Costa Rica I had no real idea what to do with myself career-wise but after my time working there I was able to find something that I not only like, but am good at.

    A lot has happened since I was in Costa Rica. Studying in France has been great, so far I am among the top 3 students in the MBA program and am really enjoying it. The experience I had working in Costa Rica has been a huge asset to me – the many roles I played while working for Idioma has helped me put what I’ve learned into perspective. Teaching people in a corporate environment also gave me the confidence to really take the reins and lead groups, a skill which has served me very well since September.

    I am currently doing a Digital Marketing internship in Frankfurt, Germany. I’ve learned so much working here and I feel like I’m only beginning to scratch the surface. I hope to be back in Costa Rica for a visit after I graduate. Thanks again for helping me make the best out of my 17 months in Costa Rica. I will never forget the experience.

    Rusty Jones

    Teacher Testimonials

    As a new TEFL instructor I was fairly unsure of how to get started. I put together an electronic package including my resume, BS diploma, TEFL certificate and started sending it out to different schools. I was very happy to hear from Idioma Internacional as I have always wanted to visit Costa Rica.

    While this opportunity was only for online teaching, I believed it would open doors for a chance to move to CR in time and join the team in reality. Yet, I am continually amazed at the support I receive, even as a virtual instructor. Everyone is so willing to help that you never feel like you're alone and trying to figure things out by yourself.

    I received training on both ZOOM and WEBEX, I was given opportunities to shadow classes and to teach in classes with instructors available to help. There are plenty of exercises to help you beef up your English grammar before teaching it; but best of all, whenever I had a question all I had to do was reach out to my mentor and she was there to help.

    I can't say enough about the admin support either. They are a message or a phone call away and anything you need will be addressed for you.

    There are different types of courses you can teach as well. There are basic English grammar classes, specific business workshops, and even one to one training courses. Whatever you want to specialize in, they will help you.

    All in all, for my first teaching position I don't think I could have found a better fit for me. Idioma Internacional has made my introduction to teaching TEFL an amazing journey and I will always be thankful to them.

    Talyn Daniel

    Teacher Testimonials

    My job with Idioma Internacional was my first EFL teaching position. I could not have asked for a better introduction to the career.

    My experience with Idioma Internacional was a bit unusual. I left the U.S. for Costa Rica in January 2020, having already secured a position with the company (and with my living arrangements already sorted, thanks to Idioma's assistance), looking forward to spending my one-year contract teaching typical, in-person classes and exploring the country. This was the case for about seven weeks. Alas, as I said, this was 2020. The pandemic hit, the world shut down, and Idioma Internacional switched over to an entirely virtual platform.

    There are an infinite number of ways this massive transition could have gone wrong, but it did not. In fact, I cannot overstate how smoothly the administration seemed to handle the change. The company worked with clients to make the switch as easy for everyone as possible, and, as a teacher, I never stopped feeling both professionally and personally supported, even during the four months I self-isolated in Costa Rica. When I eventually decided to return to the U.S. Idioma supported that, too, and I was able to continue teaching with the company for the extent of my initial contract and then, upon being given the option to extend, for another few months after that.

    I could praise Idioma for many reasons -- the thorough initial training, the ongoing professional development workshops, the well-constructed curriculum, the fact that the students are almost invariably pleasant and often dedicated to the point of being inspirational -- but, having worked with the company when I did, the supportive, positive culture of Idioma Internacional will always stand out to me as one of its greatest assets. I'd recommend it for that reason alone.

    That said, the other stuff makes for a collection of really, really great bonuses. Seriously, the students are amazing. Either I'm super-lucky as a teacher, or Costa Ricans are just on average more awesome than the rest of humanity.

    Michael Trojak

    Teacher Testimonials

    Since I joined Idioma Internacional last year, I've found a family and a purpose.

    Starting from the beginning, their staff offers training, mentoring, peer connection, lesson plans, and materials.

    I got an opportunity to work for Idiom during the Covid lockdowns, thanks to its online platform. Now I have the freedom to relocate while maintaining employment.

    I love being a part of Idioma because I know that my role has meaning. The company offers more than just English lessons. They promote the advancement of their students by teaching them the language skills they need to secure gainful employment in the community.

    It is such a pleasure and honor for me to be a part of this company, as I love making a positive impact.

    Garth Johnson

    Teacher Testimonials

    My name is Garth Johnson all the way from South Africa and I've been a virtual ESL teacher with Idioma for just over a year. I have to say that my experience has been nothing short of incredible.

    As many teachers know, working online can be a daunting task. I myself have worked for 3 different online teaching companies over the past 5 years and I can safely say I have never worked for a more organized, flexible, and efficient company than Idioma Internacional.

    You are provided with lesson plans and materials to follow which effectively aid in structuring every lesson, while at the same time, allowing for the flexibility to make each class your own. This takes a lot of pressure off of the trainer as it enables you to focus on the delivery of each lesson as opposed to the structure itself. The hours are flexible as you work closely with the Operations Director to tailor your perfect schedule. To put the cherry on the cake, your hours are consistent in other words, scheduling is a dream come true!

    Most online schools work with new students each day or week which takes away from the experience as you are not able to form relationships and work on students strengths and weaknesses; however, at Idioma Internacional, the opposite is true. Classes consisting of the same students are assigned to you over different periods of time, allowing genuine relationships to form and students to give their best and receive the same in return!

    Having the opportunity to work with highly-educated English trainers and students from around the world is probably the best thing a teacher could ask for and makes working with Idioma Internacional a truly multicultural experience! Not only does this position provide you with the opportunity to sharpen your skills as a trainer by challenging you to change your approach based on the type of students you interact with, but you are also able to learn from regular professional development courses as well as professional colleagues who are always around to lend a helping hand at a moment’s notice. And by always, I mean, ALWAYS!

    Although I am currently in South Africa, I feel as though I am in Costa Rica because our team, or rather corporate family, works so closely together!

    I highly recommend Idioma Internacional!

    Meg Osnes

    Teacher Testimonials

    I love working with Idioma Internacional!! This place was my first-choice school, and I feel so lucky that I have had the opportunity to work with them! The staff is such a pleasure to work with. Throughout the hiring process, various administrators were in contact with me and responded to all of my questions, and after getting hired, the amount of support has been phenomenal. I love the students I get to work with, and I have not had a shortage of opportunities for teaching as well as more administrative work with Idioma! They give their students as well as teachers a lot of support and guidance to grow and learn. I have loved my time with Idioma Internacional, and I am excited to continue and see what is next!


    Lintonia Davis


    Lelanie Geyser