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    Adverbs of Frequency How often do you…..?  Frequency adverbs can be placed at various points in the sentence, but are most commonly used before the main verbs and after be verbs. (Daniel always passes his exams vs, He is always happy) When asking questions, the adverb comes after the subject and before the second verb. (Do you always go to Mall Cariari? […]

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About Idioma Internacional

Our Values


We strive for excellence in every aspect of our work, offering services of the highest quality so our clients are completely satisfied and receive the greatest return on their investment.


Our vision reaches toward the future as we constantly seek ways to improve and update our services, materials, and teaching methods, thereby assuring our clients they will be provided with the most effective and modern market practices.


We are committed to the best business practices and ethics, and are guided by principles of good faith and integrity. These standards ensure that we always follow through on our promises. We live by the golden rule: “Treat others as you wish to be treated.”

Our Team

Human talent has been the main driver to our leading position in the market for corporate English solutions. We can proudly say that we have a professional and experienced administrative team committed to meeting our clients’ needs through highly personalized service. Our administrative team is responsible for managing each client’s corporate program and assuring each one’s success while always maintaining a close relationship with every client representative.

We are also privileged to offer a select team of professional teachers who are knowledgeable and experienced in multiple disciplines related to the business world. Their expertise is valuable for us to provide services focused on an organizational context.

All teachers at Idioma Internacional are native English speakers and certified to teach English as a second or foreign language.

Our Accomplishments on a National Level

Tools for Success Program

We have been part of the Tools for Success Plus initiative for several years, which was developed by CINDE, Costa Rican trade schools, and the business sector.

The program was conceived from the joint effort of multinational businesses including Intel, HP, IBM, and Procter and Gamble, among others, that support English training initiatives for young adults in professional trade schools throughout the country. With the help of CINDE, these companies provide scholarships to hundreds of students who attend these schools.

We are honored to be the leading English training provider for this project, thanks to confidence the stakeholders have in our programs.

INA Project (Advanced English)

We were chosen to train more than 1,000 Costa Rican residents in the Greater Metropolitan Area and Guanacaste in our English language programs. This was part of the Advanced C1 English Project directed by the National Training Institute (Instituto Nacional de Aprendizaje, INA).

Classes with UNESCO and the Costa Rica Multilingual Foundation

In 2009, UNESCO and the Costa Rica Multilingual Foundation contracted Idioma Internacional to teach English to young adults in marginal urban areas. The objective of this project was to provide English training and thereby increase the job opportunities for young adults who are outside the formal educational system or who did not finish their studies.

Companies we've had the pleasure serving

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